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Will Ike and Mercy Eke agree to form an alliance?, Tension As All Stars begins alliances formation.

Big Brother added an unexpected twist to the All Stars season, enabling housemates to freely debate nominations, breaking the stringent rule of keeping things quiet when it comes to tossing names into the hat.

Housemates are plotting with individuals with whom they wish to make alliances as a result of their newfound freedom.

Kiddwaya, Tolanibaj, Princess, Doyin, Angel, and Ilebaye became allies on Day 1.

Venita, a Pepper Dem alumni, offered a “pepper alliance” to Mercy Eke and Seyi in the garden.

The latter concurred, saying the alliance was unavoidable because the Pepper Dem season had the most housemates in the All Stars Biggieverse, thanks to the addition of Frodd and Ike.

Will Ike and Mercy Eke agree to form an alliance?

These alliances could serve as a strategic foundation, helping members to negotiate the obstacles of the All Stars house by relying on pre-existing bonds and shared experiences.

Housemates can exploit their knowledge and understanding of each other’s personalities, abilities, and shortcomings after going through the intense and emotionally charged atmosphere of their first seasons together.

They can solidify their authority and shield one another from future evictions by banding together, ensuring a stronger and more united front in the face of the house’s unpredictable dynamics.

Tolanibaj had a change of heart today and told Kiddwaya about her remorse about her prior nominations.

She expressed regret at her decision to nominate Venita, wishing she had been more strategic in her selections.

She also laments forming an alliance with the other females and Kiddwaya, as they all realized that siding with Ilebaye, whom they saw as a weak roommate, didn’t make sense.

Kiddwaya referred to Ilebaye as a highly appealing target for eviction during his diary session, comparing her to “low-hanging fruit” that can be regarded easy pickings.

He believed that eliminating the easier target first would be more advantageous. It’s also worth noting that Kiddwaya nominated Ilebaye during a fake nomination process.

Tolanibaj and Kiddwaya mentioned in their talk that they would like to forge an alliance with Pere and Cross.

They appeared in the Shina Ya Eye season alongside Angel and Whitemoney.

Is this a more strategic relationship to form?

The Level Up geng, Adekunle, Doyin, and Ilebaye have not been seen discussing an alliance, but is one on the way?

Adekunle chose Cross, Soma, Seyi, and Frodd from separate seasons as his roommates to celebrate his HoH win with.

Was this a calculated move by Adekunle?

The housemates have not been in the house for a week and already strategies are coming to the fore. 

Is it too soon to form alliances or are housemates on the ball?

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