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“Your just the wrongest person anyone should be taking advice from” – Fans attack Phyna over recent advice.

Phyna, the Big Brother Naija season 7 winner, has encouraged young females not to rely on their boyfriends for money.

Phyna revealed that she has been dependent since her school days and has never relied on anyone for money when giving the guidance.

She started hustling while she was in high school and doesn’t rely on anyone.

Phyna also mentioned that her father is still alive, but he is not a wealthy man, which influenced her desire to hustle and succeed in life.

She counseled ladies not to expect money or a comfortable life from men, instead encouraging them to buckle up and take care of their own needs.

In the statement she made in the video, she said, “I don’t expect money from any man, I’ve been hustling for myself since secondary school. My father is still alive, he’s not rich, and that is why I have to work hard to sustain myself. No woman should expect a soft life from men, you have to hustle so that you can cater for yourself, but if he’s capable of giving you money, you can take it and enjoy it with him.”

Fans reactions:

mheenarh__: The way he treats you while courting is a reflection of how he would treat you when you marry him.

veevogee: Whatsoever you tolerate during COURTSHIP is definitely going with you into your MARRIAGE No two ways about it.

adelakuntufayl: As we go to bed to sleep, May the single ones wake up to unconditional love and May the married ones continue to enjoy their marriage!

fashion_magicblog: Having your own money is soft life itself

lizzyofblaze: She has a point but some will disagree because they don’t like her

angel_godwin20: Abeg shut up that’s why men misused you why growing up

its__rayomi: She is saying the truth tho, some girls once they are in a relationship they will see it as poverty alleviation scheme , imposing what their father amd brothers can’t do for them. Nobody is saying a man shouldn’t spend on a lady but don’t make it seem like its a do or die affair, your papa fit don die tey tey if your mama use billing choke am.

wofai.u: If he doesn’t treat you well during courtship, is it during marriage? Ladies shine your eyes.

holly_pete_: Why are you women crying 😂, please stop making us shame, what happened to the boss chick movement 😂

duke____008: Your just the wrongest person anyone should be taking advice from 😂😂😂😂

ka_joc: Watch how gold diggers would start attacking her 😂😂😂

sylvzenia_: Everyone can’t be elegant and classy,she has told you ppl that she is razz nd lacks class and that’s ok so stop expecting much from her. Every dog can’t b husky that’s why we av Ekuke.

officialmeri_madeinheaven: But for real some ladies their entitlement mentality is really appalling….. they be putting pressure on guys over what they cannot even afford because he is dating them ….. if it’s easy afford it….. I just believe in the fairness of letting people breathe Biko

real_onuh: She’s saying the truth 😂😂. Why Una dey hate on her. Stop depending on men ladies 😂😂😂.. you sef try work for your money

jessylove_220: I blame the people that voted her to win big brother. You all wasted your money and resources on a wrong people.

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