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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Cee C advises Uriel on how to get Neo; reveals she break ties with Cross, “he’s not my type”

Big Brother Naija season 8 All Stars Housemate and former Double Wahala star Cynthia Nwadiora aka Cee C advises her co-housemate Uriel on how to get conversant with Neo’s closure, and be his friend.

Cee C and Uriel had a lengthy talk in which she opened up to Uriel about her ordeal with Cross and her want to be free of the male Housemate.

According to Cee C, she has spotted Cross having one or two affairs with other females in the House, which she does not approve of.

The session begins with a discussion about Neo and Cross.

“Did you have a conversation with him?” Cree C asks. Uriel replies, “I think I’m gonna have a conversation.” Cee C says, “I think the first time he had relationship issues was Tolani and Ilebaye, that first week.”

Uriel adds, “I can’t be in  an open relationship with anybody, if I’m seeing a guy in the house, I’d expect a level of respect.” Cee C concurs, “Ahhh I don’t even know, I’d have said watch him but while watching, person go just ….. do you understand.”

Uriel stresses, “It’s already happening, say for example if you’re seeing Cross and Cross is doing some crazy crazy stuff, I’d find it disrespectful if it’s a continuous thing.” Cee C adds, “Even for me it was all play play play, I’m just tryna play with everyone but obviously we had a conversation like I said to you.

Cee C says about Cross and how she wants to stop talking to him, “So yesterday I noticed that in the house, people actually to think that we are trying to be a thing which is not the case.

“But I want to stop talking to him like that, because I don’t want it to be that people outside are thinking that way, I don’t want any narrative or something I’d have to explain.

“So for me the reason I’d just move away is cuz I don’t really like him that way, I have zero like he’s not even my type.”

Uriel retorts, as she disclosed how she found Neo attractive, “When we came Cross and I were quite close, but I back away cuz I found Neo attractive, I love the way he looks clean and everything, so I put my attention there, but I have to pull my attention away from Neo.”

“Don’t pull anything,” Cee C advises. Uriel responds, “Ima ihe this girl n’eme[You know what this girl does), Princess, I don’t know how to do it and Tolani will be looking.” Cee C laughs.

Uriel continues, “Just watch, now she [Princess] is with him, if Tolani comes she’ll jump and move somewhere else, if they’re talking Tolani will sit and be watching them, I don’t know how to do that oo.”

“My advice is in this house just have fun,” Cee C says.” Uriel ponders, “So after the show, the viewers will just label me.” Cee C adds, “You had fun because what more can you do?”

“So what do you suggest I do,” Uriel asks. Cee C answers, “If you wanna be with him, be around him, talk to him.” Uriel responds, “Cuz I cut off and I stopped talking to him because…” Cee C cuts in, “Ahhh you will suffer ooo, you’ll just sit and you’ll see him with ….. and it’s annoying.”

“It is annoying,” Uriel agrees. Cee C adds, “That’s why you shouldn’t, I mean whoever is playing, all of you play.” “Okay I’ll play my game now,” Uriel assures.” Cee C adds, “Ah ahn work hard, is that not why we’re here?”

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