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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Here’s Why Angel Blew Hot, Trash Talk Dirtiest Male/Female Housemates.

Angel was obsessed with housemates who claimed to be clean while wearing fancy clothes, shoes, and accessories, acting all bougie, and identifying with just particular kinds of people seen as the big fish.

She went insane while conducting her toilet duties with Neoenergy, realizing that the so-called high class would go to the toilet and ruin it.

Angel Smith admitted to witnessing feces around the toilet, as well as used tissues and urine on the toilet seat, among other unsanitary items.

She stormed into the main room, where everyone was seated, and freaked out about the whole thing, calling the male housemates or whatever did the deed a Pig.

She cautioned them to clean the toilet properly after use, take time to wipe the seats after urinating and consider other people’s health.

Angel noted that some people have contractible diseases, that could affect others and should ensure they do the needful after utilising the toilet.

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