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Big Brother Naija All Stars Housemates get creative with a face painting task.

This week, the female housemates were each tasked to select a male partner from a random box, and keeping in line with this week’s theme, “Fashion,” Biggie challenged the All Stars to use their faces as a canvas and paint an aesthetic reflection of how they see their partners from a creative point of view.

The task brought out the artistic sides of the All Stars and even put old foes with current feuds back together: Adekunle, Doyin, Uriel, and Whitemoney.

Adekunle and Doyin pour out their grievances using art

Adekunle and Doyin have been at loggerheads since the Level Up reunion but they haven’t had a hugely signifacant rift in the All Stars season.

However, in saying this, they have barely engaged in meaningful conversations so far. During the task, silence was still the order of the day; instead of talking, they expressed themselves on each other’s faces.

Doyin went first, and her face painting threw Adekunle off. After an influential Venita provided him with some food for thought as to her opinion on how she thinks the face painting representation came out, he decided to return the favour, which led Doyin to complaining to Mercy Eke about this reaction; telling her that she was “lucky she had a good partner.”

Uriel and Whitemoney try to iron out their issues

While they had previously argued about issues involving food and kitchen duties earlier today, Uriel and Whitemoney, who became partners after the random selection process, were able to take on the task positively in their strides.

They painted each other’s faces beautifully and then took a moment to discuss the issues they both have with one another.

They didn’t reach an official resolution, however, things may well be looking up as this was just the beginnning of their journey towards getting back on good terms.

Another significant highlight of the task was Ilebaye and Ike’s partnership, which showcased the duo having so much fun painting their faces, as socials couldn’t get enough of their interaction.

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