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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Housemates review each other’s game plans.

The All Stars had one-on-one chats with Biggie during today’s diary sessions in which they got to reveal their honest opinions on the current mood in the house after 10 days, how they are embracing this week’s fashion theme, their general understanding about the fashion world as a whole, and what it means to them individually.

During the conversations, they also expressed their concerns about the intense competition that is becoming more apparent among fellow housemates, and how this was affecting their mental well-being.

They also shared their excitement about the upcoming wager challenge, which would allow them to showcase their creativity through a stylistic representation of their unique characteristics.

Perception about fashion

One after the other, as the housemates sat through their diary sessions with Biggie, they got the opportunity to unpack their views on what the fashion topic means to them.

Cross, who believes that he is a “fashionable guy”, explained that fashion is an expression of how one feels, adding that he is someone who is comfortable enough to wear whatever makes him feel good.

Mercy Eke called fashion “everything” to her and a way of life, while Seyi said that it is a statement of one’s true nature or character.

Thoughts about alliances

The housemates also spoke about how the “Pardon me, please” twist had a notable impact on alliances that had already been formed in the house.

Uriel revealed that the twist possibly affected Venita’s game as she may have stepped on some toes through the connections she had gravitated towards in the hopes that these would save her when it mattered most.

Whitemoney also spoke about his alliance with Mercy Eke, saying he ventured into the partnership because he overheard some of his colleagues asking why previous winners were back on the show.

In his diary session, Ike revealed to Biggie that he understood the strategies of a few of the housemates in their attempts to play the game differently from their past respective seasons.

The All Star test

Over and above “Pardon me, please” and the black envelope challenge, which both have a direct impact on the nomination process and immunity from eviction, there is also a significant difference in the Head of House games which in prior seasons could be won through sheer luck alone.

However, the last two challenges clearly show that housemates will need to apply a certain level of mental and physical skill to their efforts in competing for victory in the upcoming Head of House challenges.

This new addition has brought further mixed feelings among some of the housemates who told Biggie that they preferred the old format, while new HoH Kiddwaya highlighted that he likes the new challenges, concluding that it is fitting because, “An All Star season deserves All Star games.”

Regardless of what is said in the diary room, it is expected that the “Pardon me, please” twist will affect strategies in the house and potentially create a shift in alliances.

The housemates will have to adapt and rethink their game plans in order to navigate the new dynamics introduced by the twist.

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