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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Netizens blast Obsessed Female Housemate Ready for War Against Man-Snatchers in Biggie’s House

A BBNaija All Stars female  housemate who is willing to go to battle against those she considers to be man-snatchers has made her intentions known in the house and to her man-friend.

She reminds him virtually every second not to disrespect her, to avoid other girls, and to give her her full attention.

Tolani Baj is the female housemate in question, for those who are still curious. Neoenergy is the overprotective lover who prevents every other chick from even having a simple discussion with her supposed spouse.

BBNaija All Stars followers have resorted to X-Twitter to criticize her behavior, particularly her desire to find self-worth and diminish her obsession with Neo.

She even went out of her way to smell his garments while he was away, holding them tightly to her nose to inhale his perfume.

Tbaj’s fascination with Neoenergy is the most intense in the house, and fans are beginning to wonder if it’s her plan that has kept her in the home for so long, or if she actually lusts for Neoenergy.

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