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Big Brother Naija All Stars: “People are bitter in this House” – CeeC fumes after morning chaos over Wager Task roles

Cynthia Nwadiora aka Cee C, a Big Brother Naija season 8 All Stars Housemate and past Double Wahala show finalist, comments in on the present situation in the Big Brother All Stars House.

Cee C says Biggie’s House is quickly becoming a toxic environment filled with disgruntled contestants.

Cee C wonders how the House changed from nice feelings to a harsh environment while pouring her heart out to fellow Housemate Ike on Thursday morning, Day 18 of the All Stars event.

Cee C reacts to the reality that no one in the House can come up with a more intriguing movie idea than her. And this is in stark contrast to the early morning pandemonium that followed Seyi’s message to the Housemates.

After the morning workout, Seyi called Housemates to the dining to advise the Housemates following last night’s issues about Wager Task roles, where some Housemates like Uriel declined a role assigned to her.

Seyi beckoned that any Housemate who does not want any role given to him or her should walk up to him to discuss it instead of causing chaos.

He also asked every housemate to take an hour to shower and gather to rehearse for their drama. He mentioned that they have to start early to allow them time to use the equipment before it’s returned in the evening.

Then, following Seyi’s address, Pere wanted to react to his statement, Seyi walked out on the Housemates after addressing them without listening to what Pere had to say.

Pere says, “That stupidity that Seyi just displayed here is disgusting”. Cee C adds, “Seyi spoke and we all sat here to listen to him. Is it difficult for him to listen to Pere?”

However, Cee C while speaking to Ike in the HoH room says, “People are so bitter in this house. The envy is too much. We all started this season with good vibes, I don’t know how we got here. It’s toxic. I’m even scared to eat.

“I don’t want to brag but nobody in this house has more idea of film more than me.

Ike responds, “I think you and Venita are the most qualified”. CeeC goes on, “She’s an actor and not a producer or director”.

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