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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Phyna Set to Attack Adekunle After His Terrible Comment about Her

As he shares information about Phyna with his present housemate, Adekunle has prodded and created a lot of chaos.

As it is well known that she usually responds to anything that smells of negative or appears to be a troll, fans are waiting to see if the situation would get worse.


Phyna’s lack of online presence contributes to one of the reasons she is often criticized, but it is also one of the reasons her supporters are so fervent.

She is always prepared to respond to every gbas with a gbos and has an unusual personality.

Speaking about Phyna while discussing the unfair expectations put on BBN winners, particularly their sense of style, was Adekunle.

He claimed that she found wearing a corset on her media round to be quite unpleasant.

Some of his followers took what he said to be body shaming.

If this misperception continues, it is feared that Phynation would attack him.

Despite this, several supporters have emphasized that he didn’t speak with malice and that instead, he was simply stating a fact that needed to be spoken.

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