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Big Brother Naija All Stars: “Scrape this Jury thing or we will stop voting” – Fans threaten Biggie

Big Brother Naija season 8 All Stars viewers have threatened the show’s organizers over what appears to be perfidy towards some of the reality TV show’s competitors.

Viewers believe that the new “Eviction Jury” gimmick introduced to the All Stars show favors certain Housemates at the expense of others.

Remember the two contestants, Princess and Uriel, who were evicted from the show in the second and third weeks? Both claim it’s unjust that viewers’ votes did not count for them.

Seyi, the last Housemate at the bottom of the voting list, has not been evicted. He had the fewest votes on the chart, but because the Eviction Jury chooses which Housemate to expel, Seyi has always been spared eviction by the jurors.

During Princess’ eviction, the three jurors Dorathy, Bisola, and Mike Edwards evicted Princess while saving Ike and Seyi. The same goes for yesterday night’s jurors Teddy A, Diana, and Laycon, who protected Seyi while evicting Uriel.

Following the outcome of the eviction, netizens and viewers of the show have taken to social media platforms to react to it, as they sternly warn the show organizer and Biggie that they will stop casting votes for any Housemate if the controversial eviction jury isn’t crunched.

Below are some of the comments from viewers.

pineapplemodel; “This is not good. So why make us vote if you’re going to use juries in the end? This is not good. This is not good”.

zinnycharms: “The earlier u guys stop this useless jury thing, the better for you. What is this nonsense why do people vote”.

pretti_leemah: “I think it’s high time we start reporting any jury’s account that does rubbish. Including this particular big brother account. I don’t understand how INEC got into this show. This tribalistic and emotional trash needs to stop. People are upgrading their GOTV and DSTV package just to get more voting power but you choose to rob them of it. This is bullshit and customer robbery. STOP THIS STINKING JURY!!!! then? Very foolish people.”

adamaq_fashion: “This jury thing is the biggest rubbish big brother has ever done, it’s better we just stop voting then…mtchewww”.

kukkyboma: “You brought back Big Brother All Stars to revive the show then you now bring Jury to make people lose interest again in the show. Allow people’s votes to count this BS!”

cynthiaebom _official: “This jury method doesn’t make sense at all. Maybe people should stop voting so the jury can select who stays or leaves”.

chekwube_okafor_chekwus: “I’m so angry. Why did Laycon and Teddy A save Seyi? Tribalism content. All he does is brag. Seyi with zero”.

at_amaka: “I do not like this idea at all, why would you save someone who was saved last week? This is nonsense and why will I spend my money to vote for my favorite and you take her out? Then let the juries be voting and leave us the fans and viewers out of this. It’s useless to waste my money and time on voting”.

krimznik: “Can y’all just eat your show?? Vote and crown whoever you want! What’s all this? How can Seyi be saved twice and he was the lowest throughout?? It’s unfair!”

tiofannyhair: “This jury nonsense has to stop,l mean how will people vote with their hard earned money and you will say jury should send sumone homeJury and their family members should kuku be voting then”.

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