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Big Brother Naija All Stars: With “Adenita” ship set sail, will it affect Adekunle and Venita’s Strategies in the game? 

Due to the few times they have slept in the same bed together, Venita and Adekunle have sparked talk on the BBNaija streets about a potential ship between them.

The streets have been talking about Adenita for a while now, observing their chemistry and undeniable connection and speculating as to whether it will ultimately result in a romantic relationship.
Singing All Stars

During their first time in Biggie’s house, both housemates were not actively involved in any ship, but did cause a little controversy around the topic because of the people interested in them, or people they were interested in.

Venita’s time in the Pepper Dem house involved a little controversy involving Omashola and Frodd, who both had a crush on her. Omashola and Frodd’s pursuit of Venita led to heated arguments and confrontations, causing a rift between them.

Despite the drama, Venita managed to handle the situation with grace and tact, leaving viewers curious about how these relationships will unfold in the future.
Pere women problems

Adekunle in the Level Up season had to deal with losing out on having a ship with Racheal due to the controversy surrounding her friendship with Giddyfia.

There is definitely an opportunity for Adekunle and Venita to form a connection in Biggie’s house. Their shared experience of controversy and drama around shipping may allow them to bond and support each other through challenges on the show.

However, it remains uncertain how their relationship will evolve and whether they will ultimately become a ship or not.

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