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Big Brother Naija All Stars finalists show us the true essence of Nigeria with a colourful cultural show.

In honor of Nigeria’s 63rd anniversary of independence on October 1st, the special theme “I love Nigeria” was presented to the finalists this week.

The All Stars were requested to put together a cultural presentation displaying the distinctive characteristics of Nigeria, including food, fashion, music, and dance, as part of their efforts to honor the motherland.

Adekunle provided a brief history of Nigeria, tracing it back in time and connecting it to the present as the cultural show began.

The All Stars introduced themselves and discussed why they are glad to be Nigerian after Pere performed the national song.

They quickly began serving the delicacies, which served to further highlight Nigeria’s extensive cultural legacy.

Each of them provided insight into what they were wearing and its significance in Nigerian culture while displaying their vibrant traditional dress.

Additionally, they examined how fashion has developed into vivid, colorful designs that may be imitated on a variety of fabrics.

The finalists had exceeded Big Brother’s expectations, but that wasn’t all he asked of them. He also assigned them the duty of writing a poem titled “Proudly Nigeria” that expressed their appreciation of what it means to be a Nigerian and their hopes and dreams for the nation.

Biggie was quite clear when he instructed the All Stars to put aside differences in religion and ethnicity in order to write a single poem that would be read tomorrow.

The All Stars finalists have demonstrated to us that Nigeria is a blessed nation that brings so much joy to its people, and despite the difficulties they have faced, they are all glad to be Nigerians, from their delectable food to their energizing dancing.

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