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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Housemates fight over cleanliness

This morning, the BBNaija house experienced pockets of heated arguments following a meeting by Sholzy about the cleanliness of the All Stars in Biggie’s house.

After their workout session, the housemates gathered in the lounge at the behest of Head of House Sholzy to deliberate on the best way to keep the house clean.

Shortly after their deliberation, Cross advised Ceec about emptying bottles of water before disposing of them, but that didn’t sit well with Ceec, who thought it was too tedious to do while trying to clean the house.

Cross, however, continued saying that it was best she did that, which made Ceec go off, warning him not to push that narrative.

“I am not coming for you,” Cross said while trying to explain himself after Ceec accused him of purposely causing trouble. “Mind your business,” Ceec said as she turned away and continued cleaning, clearly annoyed by Cross’s suggestion.

The drama about clean spaces in Biggie’s house continued with Adekunle and Alex. Adekunle argued that Alex’s belongings were constantly appearing in his locker space, creating clutter he did not like.

The two went back and forth while a few of Alex’s clothing items were actually found in Adekunle’s locker space by Pere.

The fight for clean and clutter-free spaces might lead to more fights this week, seeing as Head of House Sholzy is very interested in making sure that the house remains organised and clean.

What spaces in the house will cause the most controversy remains to be seen, but the kitchen and bathroom areas are likely to be hotspots for potential disputes.

These shared spaces are used by all housemates, making it crucial for them to be kept tidy and free of any personal belongings.

The tension surrounding cleanliness could escalate further if housemates continue to disregard each other’s boundaries and fail to address the issue collectively.

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