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Big Brother Naija: Chaos as Ceec vent her frustration about not receiving due credit.

Ceec expressed her frustration about not receiving due credit for her contributions, leading to an unexpected turn of events.

In Biggie’s house, conflicts and disagreements are a common occurrence. The house recently witnessed one between Ceec and Sholzy, which took a surprising turn from frustration to friendship.

It all started during a wager presentation where Sholzy was recognising and acknowledging the contributions of various All Stars. Alex received accolades for putting together an impressive list, but Ceec felt left out, as her efforts went unnoticed.

She said she had contributed just as much and was disheartened by the apparent oversight.

Ceec, determined to address her concerns, approached Sholzy in the HoH gym. Sholzy expressed his disagreement, listened and asked a critical question, “Did you guys fully work with me?” The response to this from Ceec was affirmative, as she emphasised her substantial contributions to the overall task.

Sholzy explained that he had mentioned the “creative group” and assumed that Ceec and Alex were part of it. Frustration began to brew, with Ceec feeling misunderstood.

Ceec mentioned that she had hesitated to have this conversation with Sholzy because she felt he didn’t fully grasp her perspective. Ultimately, Sholzy apologised for not giving credit where it was due.

As Ceec left the gym, Sholzy couldn’t help but mumble to himself about the interaction. However, their story took an unexpected turn when Ceec re-entered the gym, offering a helping hand to Sholzy as he struggled to drink water with his boxing gloves on.

Ceec shared her surprise at not having utilised the gym even once during her stay as a BFF in the HoH lounge. It was a complete turnaround from the earlier conflict, and it left one wondering about the underlying motives behind Ceec’s return to the gym.

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