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Big Brother Naija Season 7 winner, Phyna blows hot, sends her betrayer a horrific message.

Recently,  Phyna the winner of the Big Brother Naija Season 7 appeared online to vent her frustration with a member of her social network about a significant letdown she experienced at the hands of this unidentified and dishonest person.

She tweeted about the hurt she felt after a failed activity and said something about biting someone’s feeding hands, however the person feeding the person has some dubious traits.

“Na nor bite the hand that fed you dy kill people now,” Phyna writes in her message. “I just hope my head nor spark one day because evidence to choke and na plus fake electric tickets wey them send me.” The finger that fed your ass is my ass. As if person nor also work for the food Na me fuck up Na go come from Nigeria.”


Her fans comforted her, telling her not to allow anything or anyone bring out the worst in her, and she responded by adding some angry emojis to show she wasn’t actually happy.

To help others determine who Phyna was alluding to in the tweet she just sent, a fan developed a poll in the comment section.

The majority chose None of the Above as the correct response, while some chose her Personal Assistant, PA, while some thought it was her friend, while a few thought it was the cook.

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