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The wild sides of the All Stars came to the fore after the Saturday Night Rave.

The Big Brother Naija All Stars house has never been short of drama and excitement, and this weekend’s Saturday night rave lived up to expectations, with housemates revealing their wild sides after a night of partying.

Overindulgence and Bold Choices

As the music pumped and the dance floor heated up, some housemates, including Alex, Ceec, Angel, Kim Oprah, Pere, and Doyin, went a bit overboard with the party favours, reaching a level of inebriation beyond their usual limits. The consequences of this wild night were nothing short of eventful. The effects of the housemates’ overindulgence started showing when Doyin was summoned by Biggie Doyin but she seemed to have other plans. Unfazed by Biggie’s call, Doyin boldly chose to ignore it, causing a stir among her fellow housemates. Kim Oprah, playing the responsible one, took it upon herself to retrieve the wayward housemate, but she wasn’t successful.

Angel’s Confession

Meanwhile, Angel, despite her own intoxicated state, took it upon herself to prepare Soma for the upcoming Sunday eviction. However, her efforts took an unexpected turn when she began describing her boyfriend outside the house in the presence of Soma, who couldn’t help but make eyes at her. Pere, always ready with a witty remark, couldn’t resist cracking jokes at Soma’s expense. In a surprising twist, Pere started advocating for Soma’s case, attempting to persuade Angel to choose him over her outside boyfriend. We wonder if his words will have any effect on the Somgel ship.

Cupid’s Appearance

Pere wasn’t content with just being the life of the party; he also took on the role of Cupid as he tried to ship Kim Oprah and Neonenergy. In a whisper, he tried to get close to Kim Oprah, suggesting there might be more to their connection than meets the eye. “I want you to lie to me right now,” Pere whispered in her ear, raising eyebrows and sparking curiosity. Pere’s boldness was not lost on Kim Oprah as she promised to find him some other time so they could continue their conversation.

An Intoxicated Argument

The drama continued into the night, with Ceec in her inebriated state confronting Pere and accusing him of not defending her in the house. Ike stepped in as the mediator, attempting to quell the exchange between Pere and Ceec. “Pere, it is a simple thing; you don’t understand friendship,” Ceec exclaimed, fueling the intoxicated argument. Long story short, Pere apologised to Ceec. Will peace finally reign between these two?

Amidst the drunken revelry, Ilebaye made a conscious choice not to overindulge. This is a new development for the Gen Z baddie, and we can’t help but wonder if this will continue in the weeks to come.

As the Saturday night rave unfolded, the housemates’ tongues loosened and words were spoken, unveiling the innermost thoughts of the All Stars. With the dawn, will the housemates revisit their conversations or just move on, ignoring it all?

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