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A look at the epic gbas gbos moments that gave Big Brother a few palpitations and left the audience on the edge of their seats.

Every season, the gbas gbos from the Big Brother Naija housemates keep viewers on the edge of their seats. From explosive arguments stemming from clashing personalities to fights about food, tasks, romantic rivalries and more, the drama in the Big Brother Naija house never fails to disappoint.

The intense emotions and heated confrontations between the housemates create a captivating atmosphere that keeps fans hooked throughout the entire season. Let’s take a look at some of these heated moments.

Adekunle and Pere’s epic clash

Bad boy Deks and the General locked horns in a heated argument over a misunderstanding while preparing for their wager. Adekunle, who was not pleased with the direction of the wager rehearsal, got angry at Pere as he critiqued him for his tone towards the other housemates. The two had more altercations following a tense Head of House game.

Doyin and Pere’s Parrot drama

The parrot Biggie introduced this season caused a lot of chaos and Doyin was one of its victims when her conversation with Pere was exposed to the rest of the house on the 47th day of the season. The altercation between the two led to Pere lashing out by punching Biggie’s wall and eventually getting a strike for it.

Ilebaye and Whitemoney’s music madness

Shine Ya Eye winner Whitemoney and this season’s champion got into it during the early hours of day 40 which was a part of music week. They clashed over Ilebaye’s use of the sound system at odd hours of the day. The tension escalated when Whitemoney confronted Ilebaye about the disturbance, expressing his frustration and demanding more consideration for the other housemates. Despite the heated exchange, they were able to resolve their differences and maintain a cordial relationship throughout the rest of their time in the house.

Ceec and Cross fight over task

Ceec and Cross had a fight in the final week of the All Stars season because of the Innoson challenge, which Ceec won. Cross felt slighted by Ceec’s actions during the task and later made it known to her. Their conversation turned fierce as they questioned each other about loyalty and how they both did not support each other in the house.

Venita’s battle with Ilebaye

Ilebaye and Venita had a disagreement while preparing for the Power Oil task. Their argument began when Venita accused Ilebaye of wasting time while the rest of the housemates waited for her to fully concentrate on the task. Ilebaye defended herself, claiming that she was doing her best and that Venita was being unfair for criticising her. The tension between them escalated as they exchanged heated words before Ilebaye went into the blue room in a bid to restrain herself from doing or saying something she would regret.

Though the All Stars found themselves embroiled in disagreements, they often found ways to talk things out and resolve their conflicts.

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