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“If Venita apologizes to me publicly I will not accept it” – Big Brother Naija’s Vee

Reality star Vee Iye has disclosed that she won’t forgive Venita, the cousin of her ex-boyfriend, Neo even if she apologizes publicly to her.

Vee made this disclosure during a recent interview in which she discussed why her relationship with Neo ended and how Venita played a significant role in the crush of their romance.

Venita, Vee and Neo

Vee Iye added that even if the reality star apologized publicly to her, she would not forgive her because she is not foolish. She also stated that she cannot be around negativity.

In her own words:

“If she(Venita) apologizes, I won’t forgive her cause I am not stupid…I can’t stay around such negative energy referring to Venita (proceeds to ask them not to edit that part out)…we(Neo and her) couldn’t work cause there was a very big obstacle(Tbaj) then and I was made to feel like I was overreacting…if I was in the house with them(Neo and Tbaj), I would’ve lost my mind and would’ve been disqualified…it was not dealt with the right way and a lot was swept under the carpet…feels good to know I was right”.

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