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“You are not my target audience” Ayra Starr fires back at Nigerian men for criticizing her dress Sense

Popular Nigerian singer, Ayra Starr has taken to her social media to deliver a firm message to Nigerian men who criticize her fashion choices.

She emphasized that she doesn’t dress to seek validation from Nigerian men because they are not her target audience.

The whole episode began when the singer posted photos from her recent show in Stockholm, expressing gratitude to her fans for their support and making the event a success.

She wrote, “Stockholm has set the bar so high! Thank you for giving me all the energy I needed!! See you next year 🤭.”

However, some self-appointed fashion critics on the internet started leaving comments about her clothing, prompting Ayra Starr to set the record straight.

In response to the comments, she made it explicitly clear that she dresses to please herself and her female audience and not for the misogynistic men on Twitter who feel they have a right to tell women how to dress.

Ayra Starr

She wrote

“A bunch of useless men in my comment section telling me what to wear and what I shouldn’t. Are you employed? MF clout chasers.”

“Like I said, everything I do is for the girls. Stay away if you’re not the target audience! Disgusting.”By the way, I don’t care at all. I’m just pointing out how stupid they look from here, in case they’re not aware 🤭.”

She also exchanged words with a fan named Sammyboy, who questioned her intelligence. In response, Ayra Starr stated, “I had a degree at 18, Sammyboy. You wouldn’t be able to identify an empty head even if you were staring at one.”

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