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As the night curled in, Tensions, questions and contests set out among housemates.

Thoughts of loneliness, perceived sabotage and game play took centre stage among the cliques as they discussed other housemates under hush tones.

Head of House Willy immediately pulled Young Pappi to the side in a bid to establish the kind of game he’s playing, particularly with Liema and Zee.

It’s no secret that Young Pappi and Zee are kissing buddies but most recently, word of the young one kissing Liema also slipped through.

HoH Willy charged at Young Pappi for being weak but he defended himself, insisting “I’m not an easy target”.

Meanwhile, Liema curled up on the garden bench alone, prompting her homeboy Sinaye to come closer and try figure out what could be eating her.

After a brief chat, it transpired that Liema was getting rather overwhelmed by the lack of space in the wild. “Inside the house it’s better because you can just go to your bed or lock yourself somewhere”. When Jareed tried joining the party, the sassy bartender politely asked both men to excuse her.

Desperate for space

A few moments later, McJunior wouldn’t have it with Liema and he insisted on having a decent conversation with her.

Perhaps it was his charm and their shared interest in music that made it all so easy but McJunior managed to get through to Liema.

“I’m used to love, genuine love. I’ve never felt unloved, unappreciated, unseen. I’ve never felt I needed to prove myself. Even people I’ve been in relationships with gave love,” Liema confided in Mcjunior.

She was quick to clarify though that she wasn’t referring to any particular individual but simply, in general.

Did we mention that Els and Mpumi also had their own episode as they shared a duvet under the stars? The bone of contention being a certain housemate who’s been trying to get close to Mpumi but according to her, she sees right through this particular housemate who would not be named.

It looks like Lawrence’s live eviction show exposé has everyone guarded in the house. Zee was caught scolding Young Pappi for insisting that she reveals the housemate that she’s on to now. “I don’t want the person to see that I’m onto them. You’re my friend but you’re still my competitor,” she reminded him.

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