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Big Brother Housemates find peace in search of a wager win

The majority of yesterday morning was dedicated by Els, Makhekhe, McJunior, Taki, and the other housemates getting ready for their wager presentation.

The house will suffer a great deal from today’s presentation because, should they prevail, it will be their first wager victory in three weeks.

Els and Taki practiced CPR together, while Makhekhe and McJunior worked out the optimal method for constructing wooden props. Surprisingly, Liema and Jareed worked on the props for the wager presentation at this period.

Zee took a moment to talk with Young Pappi while work was being done. They discussed their preferences on money in relationships. They both agreed that they could only be with spouses who can support themselves financially. They also spoke about what it means to be demanding in a relationship and Zee’s caring nature.

Speaking about relationships, quarrels and fights amongst the housemates have also reduced, and it seems to be due to being in a smaller space and housemates not adjusting properly to ‘life in the wild’.

Overall, the atmosphere in the house has become more peaceful and harmonious. The reduced tension has allowed housemates to work effectively towards their goals.

Two weeks ago, the housemates lost their wager, and last week, only a select few got a wager victory owing to the division of the housemates into smaller groups at the beginning of that week.

Despite their setbacks in previous weeks, the housemates are determined to score a win as a group, and it looks like they might well be on their way, looking at how dedicated they are to their preparations.

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