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Kitchen duty now “Every man for himself and Biggie for us all” for the housemates

An allocation of tasks has been crucial in maintaining unity within the S’ya Mosha house. Clear responsibilities ensure that housemates knows their contribution to the well-being of the house, fostering a harmonious environment.

However, today, dissatisfaction arose among the housemates regarding the efficiency of those assigned to kitchen duties and the pace at which breakfast was being prepared.

Zee expressed displeasure that the individuals assigned to kitchen duty chose to shower before preparing breakfast. PapaGhost had hoped they would first make porridge before showering, followed by the main breakfast.

Prior to Pale’s shower, she discussed with Sinaye and Taki about Lerato Modise only cooking for friends the previous night.

Yolanda sought food but found none prepared for her. Similarly, Taki encountered the same situation but patiently waited for food to be served.

Yolanda took matters into her own hands and prepared pap and cabbage for herself after Mich offered to share his food.

Meanwhile, Zee and PapaGhost proceeded to make breakfast for themselves while awaiting the main meal. Despite consuming her meal, Zee mentioned still being hungry and opting to wait for breakfast.

PapaGhost prepared fried eggs for himself, referring to it as a “starter” before indulging in ice cream. He expressed his intention to experiment in the kitchen, stating his desire to fry an egg in a large pot until it burns.

Upon their return from the shower, Liema, Pale, and Mpumi engaged in conversations while preparing breakfast.

They questioned why the other team members waited for them to shower before commencing breakfast preparation.

After their gym session, Els, Meelay, and Willy took responsibility for cleaning dishes and pots.

Food-related issues seem to be causing division among the housemates as they snack intermittently. Makhekhe inquired about the flavour of PapaGhost’s ice cream shortly after Lerato Modise cut a slice of cake.

The question arises whether these food-related tensions will exacerbate divisions within the household or if the Head of House McJunior will intervene to address the situation before it escalates.

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