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Mich finally opens up to Chuenzaaa in the closet

An apologetic Chuenzaaa confided in his chomi Zee over a slip up he made to Mich and others with regard to his sexuality, a subtle speculation that has been doing the rounds in the house. What Mich didn’t like is that Chuenzaaa made this error in the wrong company.

A chance meeting in the closet last night, a few hours after the live eviction show, saw an evidently remorseful Chuenzaaa apologizing to Mich who is clearly having a tough time letting it go.

At this point, Mich had gone as far as bringing the matter up with Yolanda, who finds it strange that Chuenzaaa did that.

If it’s any consolation, Zee admitted to Chuenzaaa that she had also had the same slip up in other conversations around the house, advising him to let Mich let off steam and revisit the issue this morning.

The two reflected on the different occassions that housemates have asked Mich questions pertaining to his sexuality, citing his vague responses, as well as their quick reactions to shutting down the rumours.

They meet!

The social streets have since been conflicted on the matter, with polarised views on which housemate is right.

Why is Mich's sexuality an issue? I don't get why the HMs have made it a mission to talk about it.
Leave him alone! If and when he feels comfortable he will say. It's not on TV that you start interrogating someone about their sexuality.

MICH IS ATYPICAL#MichMazibuko#BBMzansi
— Perfect_Imperfection⭕💥 (@MemekupeF75905) February 4, 2024

Which side do you land on?

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