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Venita sues Popular Blog over malicious acts

A few days ago, popular blog site Sabi Radio and Venita engaged in a Twitter battle. The site called her unprintable names and accused the BBNaija Star of extremely serious crimes.

“This one opted for All Stars, believing she had arrived and could now lie on others. Where your craze ends is where another’s craze begins. Simply be prepared to fight all of your false allegations in court. “She didn’t ask questions,” Sabi Radio remarked on Twitter.


Venita’s response was swiftly deleted by the Sabi.

“You are a bastard if you will not show any single screenshot you of threats anywhere and believing lies. Where is the proof? Stay blocked anu mpama!”, the blog continued to write about the BBN housemate

The blog accused her of trying to destroy Mercy Eke’s image.


“Venita’s team reached out to pay and have us lie against Mercy Eke following her vindictive act in the house, now you’re trying to act the victim. Mean girl of the season for a reason? We have screenshots ready after you provide yours. We’re busy over here tryna promote a movie but you think anyone give AF about you? Bruv! See wetin Adekunle don cause”, they accused.

After attacking the star, they retweeted her tweet promoting her new movies, ‘The Silent Intruder’.

Venita responded to these allegations claiming that the blog had paid her for an interview but because she refused, they resorted to online harassment.

“Story time- there’s a vindictive desperado who is so BURNT I didn’t grant them an interview. They literally post me every week with trashy headlines for numbers.”, she wrote.

Angel responded by unearthing the culprit. She asked if this was Sabi Radio. Venita revealed it was, explaining how the blog had been vowed destroy her, after she refused an interview with them.

Angel added that the site nearly caused issues between her and BBTitans Star, Miracle, as they claimed he had said nasty things about her. Angel expressed her distrust for the blog as they had lied about her on numerous occasions.

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