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BBNaija Season 9: Relive the 5 of Big Brother ‘s funniest quotes in the All Stars house.

Big Brother has always been known for his intriguing quotes and unique way of navigating the delicate balance between humour and seriousness.

As the All Stars ventured into the diary room, they not only received valuable life lessons and advice, but sometimes they also got the priceless chance to connect witth Biggie’s hilarious dialogue which would usually leave them in stitches.

Let us explore some of the funniest and most entertaining quotes delivered by Big Brother in the All Stars house.

“Did you have fan?” 

Big Brother’s ability to observe every detail within the house never ceases to amaze. One memorable instance of his razor-sharp wit came when he asked all housemates, “In the words of your HoH, did you have fan?” The laughter erupted as it was evident that Biggie had intentionally swapped the word “fun” with “fan,” mimicking how All Stars winner Ilebaye often pronounced it. This humorous incident showcased Big Brother’s exceptional attention to the housemates’ quirks and how he lightened the atmosphere with playful banter.

Venita: The breadwinner of the Adenita ship

In a diary room session, housemate Venita had a good laugh when Big Brother declared Venita as “the breadwinner of the Adenita ship.” They were discussing staking and Moniepoint coins, and Venita’s response showed her enjoyment of the playful comment. Venita later demonstrated her “breadwinner” status by collecting Moniepoint coins to organise a dinner for herself and Adekunle, which, to everyone’s surprise, didn’t go as planned. 

“All work and no play”

Not all of Big Brother’s quips were met with laughter, but they certainly left a lasting impact. During a reprimand in the living room after a pool and grill party incident involving Alex and Ike, Biggie broke the tension with a lighthearted remark, saying, “All work and no play makes Ike and Alex dull housemates.” The seriousness of the situation couldn’t be ignored, but Biggie’s humorous approach highlighted his ability to ease tension, even in challenging moments.

Mercy Eke’s dinner dilemma

Mercy Eke, during a diary session, shared her desire to have dinner with Whitemoney. Big Brother, always the sly instigator of laughter, inquired whether she’d also invite Pere. Mercy Eke, taken aback by the unexpected question, could only respond with laughter. This humorous exchange highlighted Big Brother’s knack for keeping housemates on their toes with unexpected twists.

The “whispering twins” in the yellow onesie:

In another diary session, Big Brother playfully dubbed Pere and Neoenergy as the “whispering twins.” Their transgression? Whispering. Their punishment? Wearing a bright yellow onesie together. The humour didn’t stop there, as Neoenergy humorously claimed that the onesie was uncomfortable because Pere occasionally let out gas while wearing it. Big Brother’s creative punishments and playful nicknames added a comedic element to the house dynamic.

Watch the prisoners set free:

Big Brother’s witty and humorous quotes in the All Stars house showcased his ability to bring a smile even in the most challenging situations. From playful jabs to lighthearted comments, Biggie’s presence was a constant source of entertainment, offering both housemates and fans a break from the intensity of the game. 

Big Brother season 9 returns in a few weeks and we anticipate for more funny quotes from our favourite Biggy.

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