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Twitter reacts to Gay Marriage Proposal in BBMzansi


Twitter reacts to Gay Marriage Proposal in BBMzansi

Norman decided to take a risk and propose to Sis Tamara in the wee hours of the morning. He spent a significant amount of time planning this suggestion, even going so far as to rehearse it with Yoli, B.U., and Gash1. The trio also helped him collect all of the Housemates around the Jacuzzi, where Sis Tamara was unobtrusively relaxing while they blew off steam over a storytelling game that the Housemates devised. Norman vaguely stated, “he’s ready to make somebody happy tonight,” when introducing the concept to some of his fellow Housemates, and boy, did he make them the happiest Housemate. Sis Tamara has been smiling with joy and pleasure as a result of this act, and she has since given Norman a this gesture and has since given Norman pet names like Husband and baby.


By default, the Maid of Honor is Head of House and in-House bestie Terry. She’s so pleased about it that she’s asked Biggie to perform a wedding ceremony for the Housemates on Saturday afternoon, followed by a reception at the Saturday Night Party.

However, we’re more interested in your comments on our social media channels, which have been both supportive of the proposal’s message and affirming to the numerous LGBT+ persons who viewed it tonight. Here’s a rundown of what happened in the House for anyone who may have missed it.

We’ve seen it all, from trust issues to some shady worries, but today, on the occasion of Sis Tamara and Norman’s engagement, everyone is demonstrating their love and support for what this means for Sis Tamara. Although there is more to this tale, we are excited to share some of the thoughts that have surfaced on our social media channels.

That said, we know you’re keeping a careful eye on the timeline, either to officiate this wedding or, like most people, to see if it actually happens. Regardless of whether it occurs or not, this momentous deed left an indelible impression on all of us, as it did on Sis Tamara. We hope the Housemates have a wonderful time celebrating and planning their wedding.  Until then Let’s get the wedding started, Songs are being prepared for the celebrations.

Norman smiley is one of the best humans and trainers. He’s helped elevate and create huge stars from the developmental system. He’s a wealth of knowledge and he’s not discussed enough imo for how much he’s helped the womens division! #ThankYouNormanSmiley

— SARAYA (@RealPaigeWWE) February 1, 2022

I am here to bless and unite this wedding #BBMzansi

— Nonto yamaLangeni ✊ (@gaselanonto) February 1, 2022

I smell a surprise wedding 💒 from big brother here 👰😂😂😂

— Marcus Ngoveni (@Marcus_Ngoveni) February 1, 2022

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