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Post eviction trauma affecting housemates in BBMzansi


The Housemates were all bit bewildered after witnessing both Mvelo and Dinkybliss walk out the door during the first set of Diary Sessions following the double Eviction. Nale told Big Brother, “Last night’s Eviction was quite a stunner.” “Dinky was a major figure in the House. It taught me that people (viewers) want anything they want.”

Vyno said of his first Sunday, “It wasn’t nice.” “Dinky was attempting to communicate with me. Throughout, she was courteous to me. It was a tragic occasion.” “I was stunned when Dinky left,” Thato stated. ‘Remember, it’s a game,’ I keep telling myself. You are free to go at any time.”

Acacia recalled, “Just watching Mvelo’s reaction.” “You could see he was upset. I believe it jolted us awake. All people need to do now is step up their game.” Mvelo’s reply was also discussed by Themba. “He couldn’t even utter a word.” That was extremely moving. Dinky’s plight is also one that I sympathize with. I felt awful about nominating her, but I did it for the greater interest of the game.”

“It’s just a little bit of a wake-up call.” Zino’s opinion on the situation was, “That was just a wake-up call.” The Housemates appear to have been convinced that they can foretell what would happen during the first two weeks in the House, and they’ve realized that all bets are off now. From my point of view, “People are going to start taking the game more seriously,” Nale said.

Competing in the Head of House Games is an important part of taking the game seriously. It’s not only a vacant position because the title comes with immunity. Nale, on the other hand, didn’t seem very enthusiastic about winning. “I believe I am more effective behind the scenes.” I believe that attaining Head of House would be a difficult task.” “Being Head of House is a clear way to have a target on your back,” Thato acknowledged. It’s a challenging role.”

While Nale is undecided about occupying the position herself, she is adamant about who she would not want in that position. “I would never want Mpho to be Head of House.” This was in response to a conversation she had with Mphowabadimo about their feud, but the peace-love-and-muesli conclusion to that conversation did not extend into the Diary Room.

In regards to tonight’s HoH Games, Vyno stated that he will “give it 100 percent.” This week, I have to prove to myself that I am capable of leading.” “People are aiming for this,” Zino stated. It’s the only way to guarantee your safety. “Everyone will become more competitive.”

“I truly want to be Head of House,” Themba expressed his desire. “There’s a target on my chest, and I’m aware of it.” Clearly, the title’s immunity is the most important thing to him right now, which is fair given that he was one of only two people who Nominated last week.

There are still more Diary Sessions to come, but we think we know what many of them will include: astonishment at the Double Eviction, a determination to win Head of House, and a realization that the game is on, as Mr Holmes would say!

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