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#BBMzansi: Bedroom strategy, Now we’re even more interested as to who is deceiving whom? -Video


Although the House may be divided when the population decreases, bed moving and bedroom shaking tactics that is going on now, is not what we expected.

Housemates from the Summer Days Bedroom – now known as CBD – assembled in the Dressing Room late at night to talk about new dynamics and emerging strategies concerning the Snakes and CBD tale. It’s game time, and they’ve set their sights on the Snakes.

Gash1, Thato, Yoli, and Norman suspect that the Summer Nights Bedroom Housemates – now known as Snakes – are leaving their room to neutralize people from downstairs. 

They have a few tricks up their sleeves, despite the fact that Tulz specifically stated that he is there to investigate them. Thato and Norman believe they should just be themselves around them, but Gash1 says they should be foolish.

We believe these Housemates are ready to give the Summer Nights Bedroom a shock of a lifetime as they plan their own vengeance, despite their combined strategy of downplaying their strategies.

It appears that the game has begun, and the snakes have made their way into the CBD, whether it’s to avenge Zino’s eviction or simply to shift House plans — the game is on! Tulz has officially relocated to the CBD, which could indicate that he is doing a more hands-on “investigation.”

Yoli, Norman believes, is the reason why the majority of these Housemates end up in their rooms. Thato agrees, but adds that Yoli is overly friendly, which is throwing their bedroom clique off. Yoli didn’t hesitate to join the conversation, stating that their clique shouldn’t jump to conclusions because she is keeping an eye on the House’s shifting strategy — she is also a player in their game. Now we’re even more interested as to who is deceiving whom.

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