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#BBMzansi: Should Gash1 tell Thato how he really feels about her? What’s your take on this matter?


Every time Gash1 has a one-on-one with Biggie, he reminds him of his wish for him and Thato to go on a picnic. We’re still waiting for Biggie to respond to Gash1 on this matter. Gash1 appears to want to show Thato how special she is to him and how much he appreciates her.

When asked how he was doing after losing Yoli and Norman to evictions at his Diary Session yesterday, Gash1 said he was hanging in there but his emotions were out of whack. “Every now and again, my body reaches its limit of tiredness.” Norman, Yoli, Gash1, and Thato had a great friendship and were quite close. It was a double blow for Gash1 and Thato to lose Norman and Yoli at the same time. 

The two couldn’t manage to fight back their tears on the big night, and it appeared that they could only find solace in each other. Gash1 and Thato have become even closer after Yoli and Norman’s eviction, and Gash1 has been brave enough to tell Biggie that he is frightened of losing her.

Biggie went on to ask Gash1 what he is most concerned about. He said, broken-hearted, that his main concern right now is that he might not see Thato again. For those who may have missed it, Thato is on the verge of being evicted, and it’s all thanks to HoH Tulz, who used his Veto power to save fellow Housemate Terry, putting Thato on the chopping block.

Gash1 also told Biggie that he is thoroughly enjoying his time with Thato. However, due to unanticipated circumstances in the House, he is unable to express his true feelings to her. He believes the guys in the House have been playing her, and that this has turned her off to anyone in the House.

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