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#BBMzansi: Will this Secrets destroy the Gash1 and Thato sailing ship?


When it comes to romance, Thato and Gash1 have learned from some of the House’s ships that either failed to sail or ran aground before much could happen. We’re talking about a full-fledged relationship, in which the two have made deliberate, unmistakable, and deeply affectionate gestures toward one another.

The last ship in the BBMzansi House has arrived in extremely choppy waters, and while we hope they make it through, it appears they are in for some fascinating surprises. Thato and Gash1 had been patiently waiting for the chance to ship in the House. However, now that their ship is on the water, their love is blooming and their romance is as passionate as ever.

However, some secrets can make or destroy a relationship, and Gash1 has so many of them that disclosing them with Thato is fraught with risk. Thato has expressed her dissatisfaction with not being informed about his secrets, particularly those relating to his time in Biggie’s House, but she hopes he would be the first to tell her “after school.”

Despite his hesitations about disclosing too much information, Gash1 has made a point of informing her that he was only playing the game before they started shipping. We’ve had front-row seats to Thato’s antics around the House, from his wild flirtations to dubious friendships, and we think he’s in for some fascinating surprises.

Will their relationship be able to withstand the test of time after the secrets are revealed? We’ll have to wait till after school to find out!

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