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#BBMzansi: Mphowabadimo leaves the Big Brother House with cash prize of R2 million in the bag.



After a ten-week wait, we can finally announce the winner of Big Brother Mzansi! Mphowabadimo will walk away with R2 million!

The show was always going to be tight. The conclusion of ten weeks of gaming is always fascinating, and Big Brother Mzansi’s Finale was no exception. The night began with a fantastic performance by Mi Casa, who always does a fantastic job of setting the tone. Former Housemates then made their way onto the platform, which served as a visual reminder of how much has happened this season and how many individuals were originally in the House.

Unfortunately, it was then time to get down to business, which meant whittling down the remaining Housemates until we could crown this season’s champion. Tulz was the first to learn that his stint on BBMzansi was coming to an end. We’ve written a lot about how he got to the Finale, and Tulz clearly understands: as he walked out of the House, he could be heard saying, “never Nominated!” That is correct. This is the first time voters have had a say in his fate. Libo was the second Housemate to leave tonight, and he seemed to take the news well – with a big smile on his face!

When asked about his connection with Themba, Libo said, “He’s a nice brother,” and that their friendship was not based on strategy.

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We should also highlight that there were a lot of crossings to Rocket Bryanston tonight, where Lerato Kganyago was hosting the viewing party and spoke to the families of some of the Finalists as well as the show’s biggest fans. They make a lot of noise.

We learned the identity of the show’s third place finalist, Themba, after we were treated to another musical routine, this time by QMark and TpZee. There’s no denying that Themba put forth a strong performance. He mastered the House’s machinations, peaked at the ideal time – obtaining the Ultimate Veto Power – and has always been popular outside the House. He was plainly sad that he didn’t win, but as he told Lawrence, “it is what it is.”

The moment we had all been waiting for finally arrived after a performance by Zakes Bantwini and Kayendrasoul. Gash1 and Mphowabadimo exited the House and made their way to the stage for their last interviews with Lawrence. When the moment arrived, it just kept coming… and coming… and coming… and coming… and coming… and coming… and coming… and coming… Let’s just say Lawrence opted to prolong their suffering for a little while longer. The box was then opened, and the winner was announced. Mphowabadimo was ecstatic since she was the first woman to get her own Big Brother Mzansi. Then, all of a sudden, the show (and the season) were done. Now we have to wait. And then there’s waiting.

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