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The 4 major factors that have made Big Brother Naija the biggest reality show in Africa.

The 4 major factors that have made Big Brother Naija the biggest reality show in Africa.

The eclectic mix of Housemates that call it home has offered us various feelings and moods over the Shine Ya Eye Season. But we can’t overlook the enormous power of the #BBNaija fan base.

The Shippers

The Ships are only feasible because of the #BBNaija fam’s careful and cautious eye. They have an uncanny ability to detect new romances and shifting dynamics. Let’s talk about the unique ship names that you, the #BBNaija nation, have come up with and promoted. They may appear to be simple names, but thanks to the constant chants we see in the comments section of our social media accounts, their importance could only spread like wildfire.

To name a few, EmmaRose, SaNi, SasJay, Crosskay, Peria, and Samgel, to name a few. Unfortunately, the other Ships were not given unique names, but they kept us, and more importantly,  entertained and occasionally experiencing new things.

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Fan’s responses

Last season demonstrated how dedicated #BBNaija viewers can be, and it makes sense! The way fans have produced their own art and memes around the Housemates demonstrates this. Check out this meme about Liquorose’s passionate dancing, which has been dubbed “aggressive” by some.

Some people have even created songs based on some of the Shine Ya Eye geng!

Can we also take a moment to appreciate this Whitemoney fan art piece? It appears that the excellent artist Zona Strings was inspired by the Housemate’s time in the kitchen and created the sculpture using coconut and carrots! 😲

Social media Creators

The #BBNaija show has always elicited humorous videos and challenges on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok, as demonstrated by social media entrepreneurs. Debrah Waters of “The Outside Housemate” was one of our favorite creator reactions last season. She made some of the most hilarious recreations of being in the #BBNaija House, including working out with Liquorose, dancing at the parties, napping with the Housemates, and even hosting her own Dairy Sessions!
“The Real Femi” was another creative who kept us entertained with #BBNaija remarks. His impersonations of the Housemates truly made us laugh until our stomachs hurt, like the time he impersonated Maria complete with accent! His parodies will have you laughing, and we appreciate the time he spent recreating various #BBNaija House moments.
Not to mention Kraks TV, which kept serving us #BBNaija House memes. One of our favorites was a series of Saga’s IG postings following Nini’s departure from the House. They give the impression that Nini has escaped Saga’s embrace, but they nevertheless share food and the bed in true Nini fashion. 
Fan base names

We’d like to compliment the originality with which these Housemates’ fan bases were named. Each tribe came up with its own name to distinguish itself from the others.
Here are a few examples of fandoms:
Polymaths, Sasforce, Yunikstars, Tegans, Bravehearts, Jackie’s Jaguars, LiquorLions, Emmirates, CrossNation, Patriots, MoneyGeng, NiniKnights, Marians, Beacons, The Monarchs, JMKTrybe, Michael’s Samurais, KayveeFC, Arin’s Amazons, Niyi’s Niles, and Jaypauls Flamez
The most popular reality show in Africa
We will never forget your support for the #BBNaija program and Biggie himself. Apart from the countless nonstop Voting campaigns we’ve seen on social media, the streets have been flooded with love and support. This season of #BBNaija has been compared to a large happy family by several of you. Despite the fact that there were gbas gbos, the majority of the Housemates got along, and several quickly mended their disagreements when drama threatened to tear them apart.
Patrick Adole on FB commented:
“The Big Brother’s House this year is more like a family together. Full of fun.”
Other fans feel that the show is too short, and the next season should be longer! We can tell that some of us will be experiencing hectic withdrawal symptoms after Sunday.
Nnono Gladys commented on FB:
“Big Brother Naija Season 6 Shine Ya Eye I’m going to miss the show big time. Next year give us Season 7 for 4 or 5 months…”
So, here we are! It has been an amazing ride with the Shine Ya Eye geng, right now we look forward to seeing them on our screen once again when the reunion goes live and your love and passion for them has been a very important part of this journey. 💓

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