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BBNaija Reunion: Fans hail Boma for apologizing to Angel


BBNaija Reunion: Fans hail Boma for apologizing to Angel

Boma Akpore, a BBNaija’shine ya eyes’ housemate, has garnered the affection of social media users after admitting his errors to co-star Angel Smith and apologizing to her.

Fans were surprised to see the actor own up to his statements and apologize to his housemate on the second episode of BBNaija’s’shine ya eyes’ reunion.

Boma and Angel had one of the nastiest arguments in the home, during which he screamed insults at her and her family.

The disagreement became so heated that Angel ripped out her wig and threatened to beat him up; luckily, the male roommates were on the ground to intervene.

Boma Akpore, a BBNaija’shine ya eyes’ housemate, has gained social media acclaim.

Boma was manipulative, Angel remarked, and she wasn’t terrified of being disqualified, but she wouldn’t accept his insults.

Boma started the fight by accusing Angel of lying to Queen. He stated that Angel told Queen that Boma was a “kiss and tell” type.

Angel became enraged, and she rejected the accusation, claiming that the rumor came out of nowhere.

“He dey call us children when I told dat one” Angel said.

Angel’s family members were insulted by Boma, who also claimed that Angel’s greatest success was hosting the BBN show.

Angel retorted, asking why a 34-year-old would be in the same residence as her.

Angel, who was not terrified, asked Boma not to intimidate her in the house and to refrain from bringing up her family members in conversation.

Angel even referred to him as “fake okra.”

Returning to the present, the conflict was brought up at the reunion, and Boma admitted to his statements.

He added that when Angel instructed him to “fuck up,” he became enraged.

Many social media users praised him for letting go of his pride and recognizing his shortcomings after the video aired.

flontha : u are a gentle man with a soft heart. U accepted and owned it with your full chest and then u git us all with the apology. Thank u. This is maturity personified.

sheyeejazz : Love you bro, my favorite part tonight

madison_fashion_designer : My boss you burst my head for here you’re really the most misunderstood

femme_gentile2 : Wow…this is what is called reunion sorting out issues and apologizing and not been proud. Some fans will still not like this..

harkandeymary : U just gain a follower… forever is the deal Boma…that’s a real man

officialvanny : A perfect gentleman like Boma

toolslim : Angel with the golden heart go girl

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