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Dinkybliss and Mvelo have been evicted from the BBMzansi.- Read


Dinkybliss and Mvelo have been evicted from the BBMzansi.

What a two-for-one night — the numbers are dwindling, and as you may know, two Big Brother Housemates were evicted tonight, reducing the number of Housemates from 19 to 17. Dinkybliss, Gash1, Mphowabadimo, Mvelo, and Norman were the Nominated Housemates who were up for elimination.
We believe the Nominated Housemates may have assumed that after the previous Eviction Show, tonight would be another chance to enjoy Biggie’s generosity and potentially make it through another week. Lawrence’s quick and smooth approach to his statements, though, made it plain that Biggie had other ideas. Lawrence announced the first Housemate to leave the house after a quick overview of some of the week’s biggest events, from the HoH Challenge to the Wager Task. Mvelo is the first Housemate to leave the BBMzansi House, according to  the announcement by Lawrence the show host.
Mvelo claimed “I didn’t realize I was the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T)” when asked about some things he didn’t know about himself inside the House when he finally came outside, but after seeing his BBMzansi trip video, he was more astonished that he ate his Pap with a fork and knife. Mvelo stated that it is in the nature of the beast to depart first, and that the game is just that, therefore he is unconcerned, but he will take it in stride. Mvelo channeled his inner Keith Sweat as he performed “Nobody” when asked who he will miss the most outside the House.
Lawrence came to stir a few feathers with the Nominated Housemates by telling them that it was time for the second Housemate to be Evicted, and we barely had time to wish our humorous Mvelo farewell. The Nominees were once again asked to stand, but Lawrence decided to add a twist by informing Gash1 that he was safe. The surviving Nominees, however, were not relieved when it was announced that Dinkybliss would be the next to depart.
Dinkybliss shocked the Housemates with some famous Code 14 twerking on her way out, and we will undoubtedly miss her spirited participation at the Saturday Night Party. She didn’t waste any time before going to the main stage chat with Lawrence and dropped another ground shaking, twerk fest on the mainstage.
Dinkybliss was joyful and bright during her interview with Lawrence, but she broke down as she answered one question regarding the most difficult aspect of being on BBMzansi. The hardest aspect of the game for her was having to open up and be vulnerable about her background and how she grew up, but she believes she was herself and cherished every time she spent in the House.
After tonight’s Double Eviction, the tension may take some time to dissipate, but the remaining Housemates are feeling the effects of the Live Show. Lawrence’s crossovers with the Housemates during the Live Show are unpredictable, thus most Housemates are visibly apprehensive about being caught up in their hot talk.
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