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#BBMzansi: Libo, Mpho and other housemates set the record straight with Biggie during the Diary Session. – Video


Biggie got some insight into what the Housemates are thinking about strategy, relationships, and emotions during Friday’s Diary Sessions. Many of the Housemates are feeling the heat as a new round of Evictions approaches on Sunday. It’s the prospect of getting sent home for the Nominated. It’s the realization that, come Monday morning, they’ll most likely be in the Top 10 for those who are safe. Biggie questioned the Housemates about shopping chaos, the Wager Task, and deteriorating relationships during the Sessions. Here are a few of the more recent examples.

Some of the Housemates believe Nale is too calm, which was a common opinion when she was Nominated last week. She will not, however, join in on any hysteria in the House. She doesn’t want to live in the House “every day as if it were Armageddon.” She also stated that she believes Tulz should relax a little because it’s evident he’s grown overly emotionally impacted by the game. Right now, her best relationship in the House is with Venus.
Venus is reminded that she must concentrate on her own game. Mvelo, Yoli, and Acacia are among the people she wishes she had spent more time with. Acacia’s message to her daughter was that she was “offering her a thousand kisses,” that Mvelo should enjoy his new life outdoors, and that Yoli should continue to be “the dramatic Queen beaming.”
Sis Tamara’s bond with Terry is strained, according to Terry, because Sis Tamara moved too soon based on preconceptions. Sis Tamara, she reasoned, might have had a life event when a friend’s love partner abducted them. Vyno’s entrance set her off, which led to the major surprise. She is, nevertheless, attempting to improve her connection with Tulz.
Tulz has confessed that while he isn’t new to the HoH throne, this time is different. The problem is that he was the first to do it this season. There were, however, a lot more Housemates back then. People were still unfamiliar with one another. His rule, on the other hand, comes at a time when he is the sole Housemate who has never faced eviction. He also chose to save Terry rather than repay Sis Tamara’s kindness, which he had received twice. He then used his Veto Power to remove Terry and replace him with Thato, with whom he’d been smooth chatting for a minute. Tulz said that this stint as a leader has been significantly more demanding because of poor relationships.
Unfortunately, Thato and Themba’s relationship does not appear to be improving. “Themba and I are no longer close,” she admitted. Themba recently informed Gash1 that he feels Thato is too “weak” to join their alliance, thus the feeling could be mutual. Her most stable connections in the House have been shattered now that Dinkybliss and Norman have been Evicted. She also revealed how Terry and Sis Tamara’s friendship had deteriorated while pouring tea.
It’s all about being focused on the game for Themba. And for him, that means maintaining the highest level of caution. He revealed that he is currently attempting to get to know Gash1, with whom he has lately formed an alliance. Despite this, he avoids becoming overly emotionally invested in the House. He revealed, “I’m a lone ranger.” “I’m rolling by myself.” He doesn’t want to succumb to the doom of slumber, despite his desire to work on some relationships in the House, such as the one with Mphowabadimo. As a result, he believes that friendships in the House would soon fall apart. For the R 2 million, Mphowabadimo and Nthabii, as well as Tulz and Libo, will have to put their friendships on hold.
Nthabii can’t believe how far she’s come. When Biggie asked her what she would tell herself if she had an out of body experience, she became emotional and began crying. She claims that she can only get through the highs and lows of life in the House with God’s help, as she is incapable of doing so on her own. Tulz, she believes, alters depending on the situation; he’s less personable when he’s around specific people. Dinkybliss could have stayed longer, she wishes. And, if there was a wildcard, she believes Gash1 would be it. It makes sense to her that he presses buttons so much.
On Sunday, Sis Tamara will be up for probable eviction for the first time. This makes her nervous and frightened. She does, however, describe the sensation as “bittersweat,” since she truly wants to know what it’s like to be on the verge of being evicted and (hopefully) surviving. She also claimed that she had no grudges against Tulz, who did not reciprocate the favor during the Nominations. “He reminds me of a big brother.”
Sis Tamara’s bond with Terry is strained, according to Terry, because Sis Tamara moved too soon based on preconceptions. Sis Tamara, she reasoned, might have had a life event when a friend’s love partner abducted them. As a result, Vyno’s entrance triggered her, resulting in the enormous surprise. She is, nevertheless, attempting to improve her connection with Tulz.
Mphowabadimo broke down in tears when asked whether she had a message for any of the Evicted Housemates. She admits to Biggie that the departures are taking their toll on her, as she finds herself reaching out to the Housemates who are going. Mphowabadimo has a reputation for being a recluse who spends practically all of her time with Nthabie. When it comes to relationships, she believes she and Thato need to have a serious chat. She’s also patching up relationships with Gash1 and Themba. Regrettably, she does not perceive Libo’s strong connection with her rekindling.
First and foremost, Gash1 would like us to know that he is not the wildcard. The identity of the said wildcard has been the subject of speculation in the House since Vyno planted the idea. If such a person exists, Gash1 believes it to be Nthabii. He also revealed that he’s slowly drifted apart from Mphowabadimo, Libo, and Terry over the last five weeks, but is optimistic that these ties may be repaired. There’s also the fact that he can’t wait to celebrate with Norman after it’s all over.

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