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You shouldn’t be playing at all if you’re not playing to win. Here are 6 steps to play to win #BBMzansi

 #BBMzansi. Venus

Be true to yourself.

Someone will always tell you that being yourself is the best way to win because people will fall in love with you for who you really are.

Don’t be overly outspoken.

People are said to get tired of you if you have a lot to say and feel like you’re always in their face if you have a lot to say.

Make yourself known.

Some people believe that blending into the background is detrimental to the game, and that your presence should be felt by everyone at all times.

Do not put your faith in anyone.

People that keep everyone at a distance and don’t reveal too much about themselves or how they play the game are among them.

Make friends with everyone.

People who will be friends with everyone will have a higher chance of staying because there will be fewer nominations if everyone likes them.

Change your approach.

There are also many who say that your plan must always evolve and that you cannot stick to one method since the dynamics of the #BBMzansi House are constantly shifting.

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