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#BBMzansi: Highlights from today’s diary session with Biggie. Read what they have to say.

The Housemates know the power of the HoH crown, and will be bringing their A-game to MAKE SURE!

Libo’s Top 5 prediction: – Mphowabadimo, Sis Tamara, Venus, Gash1 and himself for the R2 millions. – He is prepared for the HoH games, even changed his meditation routine. Shuthi uyamanifesta.

Mphowabadimo will be giving her everything to tonight’s HoH games. If not, anyone who hasn’t won yet, deserves. – Her approach to the Conspiracy Corner. “It’s time to ruffle some feathers”

Tulz suspects he is likely to be nominated tonight. “I definitely don’t feel safe.” However, Themba could be saving him, if he wins HoH.

Themba is confident that he will win the HoH games tonight. “Definitely today, I’m going to HoH.” – If he becomes HoH, he would save Gash1. “I’m trying to win Gash1 over.” – Wants Tulz, Libo, Gash1 and Terry in his alliance. – Despite blindsiding Thato and Sis Tamara, he didn’t want them to go. He just didn’t.

Thato is spilling all the tea in the Diary Room. – She used the Conspiracy Corner to plant the idea that they need to get rid of the guys. COLD!❄️ – Strongly believes she will be nominating Tulz and Libo. ♟️ – Feels she’s stronger than Venus.

Nale is excited to be in the Top 10! 🥳 – She says she’s now ready to conspire. Soft life chill is taking a backseat, it seems. She’d love to win HoH. If not, would rather Gash1 and Thato win.

Sis Tamara survived her first Nomination and it has upped her confidence. She’s NOT done with that HoH crown. Tonight it be feet on their necks as usual. – Nominations strategy: “I’m going for the jugular”.

Terry’s Top 5 Prediction: Right now herself and … to be confirmed. 
– She would like to see Venus and Libo to win HoH, for a change. 
– She also confirmed that she’s in alliance with Libo and Tulz. 

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