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BBNaija’s Beatrice Gives Details on How She Got N4.5m from fans on birthday, Also Explains The Reason She Can’t get Married to the Man She is Currently Dating.


BBNaija's  Beatrice Gives Details on How She Got N4.5m from fans on birthday, Also Explains The Reason She Can't get Married to the Man She is Currently Dating.

Beatrice Nwaji, a former BBNaija (Shine Ya Eye) roommate, celebrated her birthday this week. She received N4.5 million in cash from her supporters, in addition to many well wishes on social media.

In an interview with Punch News’ Sunday Scoop, Nwaji revealed that N2.5 million was a present from an overseas supporter.

“I received N4.5 million in all,” she claimed. Some folks gave money to my team directly. I learned that N2.5 million was a donation from an overseas supporter. The birthday party was planned by her, her brother, and their friends.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because I assumed everyone was preoccupied with their own difficulties. However, I am glad for this outpouring of love, and it gives me strength to know that people still care about me, even if they aren’t loud. “I’m overjoyed and strengthened.

“I am glad for everything,” the former reality show participant responded when asked what she is grateful for. At the age of 27, I practically ‘began’ my life as a young girl, and a lot has happened in two years. From being a caged infant in my parents’ house till I was 19, to being controlled and caged by my ex from 20 to 27. I am convinced that if I got my wasted years back, I would have experienced a lot more progress. A blessed child, on the other hand, is a blessed child regardless of when the blessings begin to flow. Everything I have is thanks to God.”

Asked if she can marry the person she is dating at the moment, the model said,

 “I am actually seeing someone who is also a popular personality. Yes, I will definitely get married, but not to him because I can’t deal with having both of our lives on social media. The only condition is if he continues keeping our relationship low key. Even if we get married, our wedding pictures would not be posted on social media. It is also possible that he may talk me out of it but for now, those are my thoughts.”

While advising women in violent relationships. She said 

“I feel the need to tell my story through a movie. Perhaps, it will help a lot of women. I can remember I left my ex with just N50,000 (to my name) and booked a flight to Lagos with N25,000. I feel that the first step to success is to move far away from the negativity that reminds one of failure. I just told myself that (in the worst case scenario), I would sleep under the bridge and start selling sachet water business. But, the night before I left Port Harcourt, I called my mum and in tears, we both prayed and she blessed me. When I got to Lagos, God did a lot of wonders (in my life) and He is still doing it. Many women decide to stay (in abusive relationships) because of money, forgetting that money cannot bring them back to life if they die.” 

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