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Dressing, tattoos and other key points from BBNaija’s Angel interview with Saturday Beats


Dressing, tattoos not measure of intelligence — BBNaija Angel

Former Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate Angel Smith has stated that getting tattoos or dressing a specific manner does not indicate a person’s IQ.

Regarding individuals who mistook her for someone else based on how she seemed on the show, Angel said in an interview with Saturday Beats,

“Those that did not see the intelligent side of me chose not to do so. It was always obvious in the conversations I had. However, a lot of Nigerians like to stereotype. They were rather focused on my dressing, my tattoos and how I choose to represent myself physically. It (intelligence) was always there and if people are just getting to see it now, it means in their terms, I’m starting to dress better. Everyone has been talking about how there has been a change in the way I dress since the reunion.”

When asked if she felt the need to dress a specific way to be respected, she responded,

 “Honestly, I feel like the quote, ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’, leads to a whole lot of other issues such as sexual assault. Even people who cover their bodies completely get raped; so, I don’t believe in that statement. I feel that statement only encourages more acts like rape. I do not judge people based on how they look. Even the #EndSARS protests stemmed from police officers stereotyping young Nigerians because of the way they dressed, as well as for having tattoos and dreadlocks.”

Regarding how she managed to maintain her relevance after the show, Angel commented,

 “I feel that ‘doing well’ is relative. Some people appear successful on social media but are not doing well in reality. I don’t think there is anything I do that is out of the ordinary. I still party and have fun, and I am still the same Angel, though there is some growth in certain areas of my life as I am getting older. Most importantly, God has been on my side.”

She gave advice to potential housemates about the upcoming season of the show, which will begin airing in two weeks:

“My advice to them is that they should go there and be authentic. That is the advice I gave myself, and that is the same thing I will tell fresh contestants.”

According to Angel, who is known to be close to her father, their relationship has changed over time. She stated:

“My relationship with my dad has always been rock solid. But, after BBN, things have been kind of shaky because he is a busy man and I am busy as well. We were very ‘chit-chatty’ before BBN. Now, most of our conversations are work oriented, but we are still cool regardless. He will always be my biggest supporter.”

The reality TV personality added that her bond with her mother had improved. She stated:

“My mum and I are cool. As a matter of fact, she just left my house to return to Ghana. We had to work on our relationship and there were lots of growing up to do. However, our relationship is definitely better and we get along better.”

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