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BBNaijaS7 Day 7: BBNaija Level 2 Housemates win first Wager task, earns 1,500 Pocket Naira each.

BBNaija Level 2 Housemates win first Wager task, earns 1,500 Pocket Naira each

The Level 2 Housemates of BBNaija Level Up Day 6 were declared as the winners by Big Brother on Friday night.

This only indicates that the Level 2 Housemates—Amaka, Beauty, Phyna, Groovy, Pharmsavi, Bryann, Daniella, Khalid, Cyph, Kess, Ilebaye, and Christy O—have each received 1,500 Pocket Naira.

And according to Biggie, the Housemates can spend the Pocket Naira to buy any food they want for the upcoming week.

The Level Up Housemates’ first-ever wager task was given to them this week, and Big Brother gave them instructions to complete it in accordance with their Levels 1 and 2.

Each Level was told to divide into three groups of four Housemates each. As a result, Level 1 housemates will be divided into three groups, while Level 2 housemates will have the same arrangement.

Four days were allotted to each group to prepare a talent presentation. The four Housemates from each group performed simultaneously as part of the presentation piece.

Biggie mentioned that each level of the House will prepare an anthem in addition to preparing the talent showcase.

Levels fought against one another for the Wager challenge, with Level 2 taking first place with the highest score of 80.

According to Biggie, the criteria for determining the winning Level were originality, creativity, and presentational or organizational skills. However, talent was not regarded as a criterion for any winning Level.

Additionally, only the Level that wins is permitted to shop on Saturday when the shopping cart opens. The losing team won’t be able to access the shopping cart as a result of this.

The winner Level receives admittance to the Thursday night pool party and the Saturday night after party in addition to the freedom to shop.

Three rounds of the presentation were held, with Biggie announcing the winning Level in each one. And each triumph earns the victorious Level 20 points.

Each Level was given the chance to perform their anthem at the conclusion of the three rounds, and according to Biggie, the greatest performance received a staggering 40 points.

Allysyn, Dotun, Doyin, and Adekunle were the first four Level 1 Housemates to participate in a drama. Bryann, Daniella, Christy O, and Khalid from Level 2 group 1 Housemates took the stage for round one after the Level 1 group 1 Housemates’ performance.

Level 2 had 20 points at the conclusion of the first round.

Then, group 2 Housemates from Level 2 Cyph, Phyna, Kess, and Amaka entered the fray, followed by group 2 Housemates from Level 1 Hermes, Eloswag, Chi Chi, and Chomzy.

Biggie awarded each group 2 from both Levels zero points at the conclusion of round two.

In round three, the Level 1 Housemates from group 3 were represented by Giddyfia, Sheggz, Bella, and Diana, while the Level 2 Housemates from group 3 were represented by Groovy, Pharmsavi, Ilebaye, and Beauty.

Biggie declared that group 3 Level 2 Housemates had won this round with 20 points.

The final opportunity for each Level to perform their own anthems was at the conclusion, and Level 2 won with 40 points. Level 2 Housemates now have a total of 80 points after this.

Later, Biggie revealed that the Level 2 Housemates had triumphed in the wager challenge for the week, winning each of the 12 Housemates from that level 1,500 Pocket Naira as their weekly allowance for shopping.

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