BBNaijaS7 Day 21: Wrapping Up Week three, How it all went down with the Level Up Housemates


Day 21: Week three is Tasking for the Level Up Housemates

The Level 2 Housemates’ third week got off to a somber start as they suffered a lot of losses, but in the end, they emerged stronger.

Evictions and a Disqualification

Beauty was disqualified

On Sunday, the Level Up Housemates through their first round of evictions. Christy O and Cyph took their final bows at this season’s first eviction show after Beauty was disqualified hours before the live eviction ceremony.

Christi O and  Cyph evicted

The Home Switch

Not only were the Evictions shocking for the Housemates, but Biggie also requested that Level 1 and Level 2 Housemates trade Houses during the HoH Games, where Adekunle won this week. Both Levels responded favorably to this alteration.

Multiple Task victories for Level 1 Housemates

Adekunle wins HoH

This week, Level 1 Housemates demonstrated how cooperation is the key to success. They triumphed in the HoH Games, The Arla Foodie Pagent, and the Quid Games with Hermes.

Level 2 finally tastes victory

Although Amaka’s victory at the Knorr Task provided the squad the confidence they needed, their route to success was not straightforward. At the Wager Task Presentation on Friday, Level 2 came prepared and looked great.

Trouble on board ships

This week saw the start of Bella and Sheggz’s first dispute. Sheggz said that Bella was conceited and needed to express her emotions more. The two ultimately resolved their differences, but not before breaking some other hearts as well! Due to Allysyn friend-zoning Adekunle, Groovy and Phyna are now becoming closer while Beauty is away.

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