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BBNaijaS7 Day 22: Groovy Asks For Phyna’s Permission To Dance With Other Girl’s Before Last Night Party.

Groovy Asks For Phyna's Permission To Dance With Other Girl's Tonight

Groovy asks Phyna for permission to dance with other women since he is not prepared to let history repeat itself.

Recall Beauty and Groovy had numerous arguments, which eventually culminated to the last altercation that resulted in Beauty’s disqualification.

Most of their disputes have involved Chomzy, a female level two housemate.

Beauty was furious with her husband for dancing at the party grounds with Chomzy.

Due to the approaching Saturday night party, Groovy decided it would be prudent to review the terms of his newly formed relationship with Phyna.

Groovy asked Phyna whether it was fine to dance with other female housemates tonight during their talk on Saturday afternoon.

In his words; “I it okay for me to dance with other girls at the saturday night party?”

Phyna in response, gave him a go ahead.

In her words; “It’s fine, the both of us can’t dance alone till the end of the party.”

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