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BBTitans: There was peace in this house and you came to upset it ‘Ebubu Tells Sandra.

Ebubu, one of the Big Brother Titans most talked-about housemates, has caused a stir by asserting that Sandra, a recently introduced housemate, and his colleague’s presence in the house had disrupt the peace once enjoyed in the house.

While chatting with Sandra, his counterpart, in the lounge, the reality star made this statement. Ebubu was warned not to refer to her as an instigator.

Sandra was accused of disturbing the calm in the home by Ebubu, who claimed that there was. But Sandra’s response was truly astounding.

The key points of their discourse are listed here;

Sandra: You shouldn’t refer to me as an instigator. I arrived here like all of my housemates.

Ebubu: This house was at peace, and you came to disturb it.

Let’s see what today has in store, declared Sandra.

BBTitans: “I have 10 Sugar Mummies” – Kanaga Jnr Mistakenly Tells Tsatsii.

In Another News, The BBTitans reality star Kanaga and Tsatsii are close friends in the Biggie house, despite the fact that Kanaga considers Tsatsii to be his sister. However, this time the table turned when Kanaga Jr. misspoke to Tsatsii that he has 10 Sugar Mummies.

BBTitans: "I have 10 Sugar Mummies" - Kanaga Jnr Mistakenly Tells Tsatsii.

They were conversing in the lawn a few hours ago when Tsatsii was astonished when Kanaga erroneously said that he has ten sugar mummies.

Tsatsii decided to ask Kanaga to clarify what she had heard, and when she did, he said that he would love to have many of sugar mummies so that they would treat him well.

He continued by saying that if they leave the house and he actually has 10 sugar mummies, he would email Tsatsii images of them so she could choose one.

Tsatsii’s has been paying close attention to Kanaga since since he stopped talking about having sugar mummies.

Check out the video below;

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