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Mixed reactions as Venita Tweets “All these BBNaija Alumni Lies Too Much”, targeting Ifu Ennada.


Mixed reactions as Venita Tweets “All these BBNaija Alumni Lies Too Much”, targeting Ifu Ennada.

Venita, a former BBNaija reality show star, has accused her co-stars of lying too much, just hours after Ifu Ennada claimed her entire appearance to the AMVCA cost her over N5 million.

Venita Akpofure tweeted that BBNaija alumni lie too much and that it’s becoming poisonous, and we’re tempted to believe she’s referring about Ifu Ennada because she’s the only BBNaija alumna in the news right now.

According to her, the way these BBNaija Alumni lie would expose the regular person to unreal pressures as a result of social media propaganda and fairytales, and we believe it’s past time we stopped trusting anything we see on social media.

Venita may have a good knowledge of the cost of Ifu Ennada’s attire and thus has every right to accuse her of lying after stating her entire look cost her N5M, which she actually spent in dollars, according to the post posted.

BBN alumni Lie toooooooooo Much! It’s getting quite toxic. The average person will be susceptible to some very unrealistic pressures thanks to social media propaganda and your fairytales.

— Venita Akpofure (@VenitaAkpofure) May 15, 2022

Madam focus on your own life and leave your colleagues alone🚶🚶🚶

— Winners Avenue 🛡️ (@Chydec1) May 15, 2022

Focus on your own life and leave her alone too.

— . (@Awksomekid) May 15, 2022

Who’s this pls

— Lucy Enang (@LucyEnang) May 15, 2022

It’s either you lie your own or keep to your truth being unbothered, moving rightly at your own pace,its how life works. It’s the BBN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION for me😂🤣

— Norman-Elliot🔥 (@NormanElliot7) May 15, 2022

410 million naira for a dress. That’s a fat lie

— Kenneth Kanayo (@kenmagrakel) May 15, 2022

The lies don’t move us anymore bc we know weti dey sup🤣

— Fabualouschacha (@fabualouschacha) May 15, 2022

You re always be blunt with your words. I pet you for that!

— Woto Woto🦍🔱 (@wotowoto29) May 15, 2022

Naso Ifu ennada talk say her look na 100k$ 😂😂

Dem no even rate us

— Gbenusola MM (@mmgbenusola) May 15, 2022

Where is the lie🤷

— Peace Lover🤍 (@forever_rahmaa) May 15, 2022

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