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Hilarious reactions by fans as BBNaija’s Erica Reacts To Video Of Basketmouth Doubting Her AMVCA Dress Cost N400M


Hilarious reactions by fans as BBNaija’s Erica Reacts To Video Of Basketmouth Doubting Her AMVCA Dress Cost N400M,

Erica Nlewedim, a reality TV show star, has replied to a video of Basketmouth and his colleague chatting to the AMVCA about her appearance, claiming that her dress cost N400 million.

Erica looked stunning in her attire, which became the center of conversation on social media, and Basketmouth and his friend decided to make a joke out of it, disbelieving Erica’s claim that she wore the entire home to the AMVCA.

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The exact sum is unknown, however Basketmouth claimed Erica’s looks at the AMVCA were N400M, implying she put on an entire mansion for the show.

Erica’s reaction to this seemed perplexed as to what is going on in the video, but her admirers were ecstatic that her looks made it into a comedy sketch, implying that they are going viral, which is all that counts to them.

Erica’s followers have done a lot for her, and while we doubt her looks are worth N400M, we believe it is based on how it was designed and how much her fans like her.

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Erica Nlewedim’s dress has entered comedy 😂😂😂 this dress will keep entering every conversation in Nigeria. I’m sha waiting for it to affect Nigeria economy #EricaNlewedim #AMVCA8

— Ruby⭐️ (@chielbon) May 16, 2022

Erica’s reaction: 

What is really going on?! 😂😂😂😂😂

— Erica Nlewedim⭐️ (@EricaNlewedim) May 16, 2022


It’s SCORP O! She said that her source told her that ya dress is 800 taaaaazzzznnn pounds. The problem is that the price of the dress keeps swelling like Agege bread every 2 seconds.

— Opportunities For Elites⭐️💫✨ (@oppsforelites) May 16, 2022

As of today the price has increased to 900m by Truth Icon 😂😂😂😂😂

— pretty_nago⭐️ (@sexydove12) May 16, 2022

They said you should buy APC form. Odogwu Star Girl 🙌💫

— STAR GIRL DAILY⭐️ (@StarGirlDaily) May 16, 2022

You people don finally mad 😂😂😂

— pretty_nago⭐️ (@sexydove12) May 16, 2022

Come to think of it no one is talking about Erica’s shoe 🤔 Sha that one cost 10m

— pretty_nago⭐️ (@sexydove12) May 16, 2022

Please buy APC… let’s get this presidential campaign on the road😌😌
Odogwu Erica 😂🥳🥳

— Mildred🤎 (@Mildr_ed) May 16, 2022

A lotta stuffs 😂😂😂

Imaginary cost of your gown is what’s going on in this world 🤣

We are waiting for CNN and BBC to carry it too 😂😂

— Trust your instincts ❤️ 🌟 (@Dr_Casey_) May 16, 2022

They said u wore 4 candidates APC form to AMVCA

— Marietta🔱⭐ (@Marietta_gold) May 16, 2022

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