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Lady calls her brothers, army on boyfriend who conspired with his friends to flogged her for cheating (video)


Lady calls her brothers, army on boyfriend who flogged her for cheating (video)

A lady from Nigeria who had been abused by her lover for supposedly having an extramarital affair called her brothers on the young man. Security people, including police officers and soldiers, arrived with her brothers to meet the boyfriend.

Security personnel entered the young man’s home, stripped him of his clothes, and manhandled him, just as he did to his fiancée, as can be seen in the viral video that is currently going viral on the internet.

The beginning of the video, however, showed the young man’s girlfriend being spanked by the boyfriend.

The boyfriend’s close male buddies were also present, holding the girl’s hands and legs while he undressed to savagely beat her with a cain.

The first video down below.

A second video that was shared online several hours later depicts the moment the girl’s brothers and Nigerian security agents entered the boyfriend’s home.
One of the security guards was observed hitting the lover violently while he was sitting on the ground with his clothes already taken off.
It is apparent that the young man was not made aware of the fact that the girlfriend would retaliate by contacting her brothers and security people.
Watch the subsequent video.

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