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BBNaijaS7 Day 13: Modella wins ‘Level Up’ first Showmax task, Read how it went down in the Arena.

Modella wins BBNaija Level Up first Showmax task, bags cameo in upcoming Showmax original

Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemate, Modella has won the Big Brother Naija Level Up House’s first-ever Showmax assignment.

After the challenge presentation in the Big Brother arena on Thursday, August 4, Modella was named the assignment’s winner.

Before starting the mission, Biggie issued briefings to all of the House’s Levels, telling them to split into two groups. As a result, there are two groups or teams at Level 1: Team Dotun and Team Sheggz. Team Khalid and Team Daniella are on Level 2, in contrast.

A Showmax Original idea must be developed by each team, and Biggie must be shown a scene from each team’s show.

One housemate will win the contest and receive a cameo appearance in an upcoming Showmax Original.

Read Biggie’s message to the Housemates below.

“Housemates, the task Big Brother has in store for you today is a very exciting one with a very dramatic prize. Only one Housemate will win the prize.

“Today’s sponsor is Showmax. Showmax is a standalone streaming service that offers you a wide varieties of award-winning contents.

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“All you need to watch Showmax on tnr the go is a reliable internet service or a smart mobile device. Please give a round of applause for Showmax.

“The Level will be split into two teams, one team will have one more person but this cannot interfere with the task as it has only one winner and individual winner.

“Each team will come up with an idea for new original Showmax series and each team will also be designated a genre based on a lucky draw. Housemates will have three hours to conceptualize their original show. This includes coming up with key characters, the settings, the basic plot and the synopsis.

“Props will be provided, feel free to use them as they can help in creating of the show and for some inspiration as well.

“At the end of the three hours provided, all teams will be invited to the arena for a grand presentation. For the grand presentation in the arena, each teams will take turns in using the stage.

“When called, each team must present the following,

• The name of the original.

• The genre.

• Sum up the basic premise in two sentences.

• Act out one full scene from the original that highlights the basic concept and will convince everyone that this story will make a great Showmax original.

“Make your story come to light. Remember to bring the props provided to the arena and leave the props in the arena after presentation.

“For the lucky draw, once all Housemates have been split into teams, a representative from each team will draw and whatever genre it picks, your story must fall under that genre.

“Now for the prize, the Housemate that displayed standout creativity and performance will win an * courtesy of Showmax. Time to turn dreams into reality”.

Below are Teams and their respective members.

Level 1 Team Dotun (Dotun, Adekunle, Giddyfia, Deji, Doyin, Allysyn.)

Adekunle earned the best performance from Team Dotun.

Level 1 Team Sheggz (Sheggz, Bella, Chi Chi, Diana, Chomzy, Eloswag, Hermes.)

Diana, Hermes and Bella earned best performance from Team Sheggz.

Level 2 Team Khalid (Khalid, Beauty, Kess, Ilebaye, Groovy, Amaka, Christy O.)

Groovy earned best performance from Team Khalid.

Level 2 Team Daniella (Team members include; Daniella, Bryann, Modella, Phyna, Pharmsavi, Cyph.)

Daniella, and Modella earned best performance from Team Daniella

Overall winner of the task is Modella. And according to Big Brother, Modella’s rewards will be announced later.

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