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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Trouble Emerge as Erica Opposes Phyna and Causes Reaction

Erica and Phyna are two Alpha females who have never had reason to communicate, therefore fans are surprised that they have both expressed opposing views on the same issue. Regardless matter the season, Big Brother’s world is not isolated.

Every housemate has a thread of connection because they are in the house, and when they voice their thoughts on the show, it is either in support or in opposition to what their companions are saying.

The reception from the season 7 stars has been mixed. They have expressed their support for her, particularly in light of the alleged bullying. Phyna has been vocal in her opposition to bullying and in her support.

Others, however, believe that Ilebaye is playing a game and that her tactic is the pity card strategy. Erica’s post demonstrates that she is among those who do not believe Ilebaye’s alleged deed.

She makes a snarky remark about the viewers’ love of pity and how there is now a housemate meeting that desire. It doesn’t take a sphinx to figure out that the housemate in question is Ilebaye. Erica’s tweet drew reactions from fans.

The opposing views of Phyna and Erica is the trouble with Ilebaye’s stay in the house. Whether a strategy or not, she has created opposing groups at such early moment in the game.

While there are people who believe her, there are others who think her actions are nothing but pretense.

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