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‘Pere is gradually declining from alpha male to a small boy’ – Big Brother Naija All Stars Cee C

Big Brother Naija season 8 Housemate and former Double Wahala finalist Cynthia Nwadiora aka Cee C opined that her co-housemate Pere Egbi is deteriorating from an alpha male to God-knows-what.

Cee C made this claim while speaking with her fellow Housemate Doyin on Friday, Day 5 of the All Stars show. Cee C thinks Pere isn’t playing a grownup game.

According to her, she told Pere, “This thing you’re doing, you’re gonna drown, you are an alpha male & you need to flourish in that.”

Cee C asked Doyin if she has noticed what she’s talking about, “Watch in the house, can you really say …, He’s gradually declining and that’s what happens, Have you noticed it?” Doyin replied, “I’ve not.”

Cee C continues, “He’s beginning to dilute who he is, when people think about him now, they’ll think of that. See the way I do my things, its cuz I dont want anyone to dilute Cee C, it’ll now be Cee C “and”.

“He likes me so much but I see him as a friend, during lockdown I pranked him that I i didn’t come home, he lost his mind, my chaperone was shocked.

Cee C made mention of how Pere always look at her whenever he sees her with Cross.

“And I see how he’s always looking, what I’m doing with Cross he always … have a conversation and he tells me this thing made me feel some kinda way, I’ll say ohh I dunno doesn’t mean I’m gonna be with you, so its just crazy.”

Doyin advised that Cee C should relinquish Pere if that will make him understand your point. “I feel you should indulge him, cuz we don’t know how this game is gonna go, its unpredictable.”

Doyin played up further to hear from her on what Pere did, “What did he do?” Doyin asked, and Cee C explained, “The first day I i had issues, he sat down there said some things and made me feel like a bad person. He came yesterday and asked me for 5 minutes of my time and I just couldn’t cuz that thing hurt.

“Now the cross that he’s talking about tells me everything about him cuz I think Cross is quite close to him.” “I think you both should have a conversation,” Doyin advised. Cee C replies, “It’s hard oo, if I tell you that we can be friends like that, I’m lying, but I’d have the conversation just to know if there’s something I’m missing.”

Cee C wonders that all these are happening in the first week of the show, when there are more weeks to the end of the show.

“What’s bursting my head is that its just the first week, what’ll happen in a month,” Cee C wondered.

Cee C also reveals that Pere has spoken about her settling with Cross. “The only thing he mentioned to me right there was “so you’re now with Cross.” Doyin cut in, “He’s too jealous.”

Cce C added, “And Cross is with everybody, don’t you get, it’s just bants and play, plays nothing, I see him like a little boy like you get.”

Doyin gushed, “He’s cute and adorable.” Cree C concurred saying, “Yeah.”

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