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Big Brother Naija All Stars: Neo always begs me to stay with him – Tolanibaj brags

On Big Brother Naija All Stars, Tolanibaj said that Neo Energy urged her to be with him, but he presented a different account.

The male housemate has made her look foolish, says Tolanibaj, the comforter of Neo Energy, making it seem as though she is the one who is actually needy.

Tuesday night, Neo warned Tolanibaj that if he continued to argue with other female housemates over flirting with him, he would have to “remove” himself from the “situation” and stop “embarrassing” Neo.

Tolani said that Neo begged for her love during a conversation with Adekunle, but she then revised her narrative to claim that it was her who was making him feel awful.

She said, “When I add 2 plus 2 together and I’m seeing what I’m seeing, he [Neo] will now come and lie that there is nothing between him and other female housemates and that they are just friends.

“Now, I’m looking stupid. So, I feel like it’s a situation of me constantly being embarrassed. I have removed myself for about four times but he apologized but there is a repeating cycle. He begs me to stay with him but then later he flips it and say that I’m the one embarrassing him when I’m the one seeing you guys getting cozy.

“Let him just tell me what the f*ck it is. Simple. Let me know what’s going and let me remove myself. So, I feel embarrassed that I stayed [in a relationship with Neo] longer than I should because from week 1, I don see am [his true nature].”

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